BT-7015 Car Washer Tornado Cleaning Gun Preto Tornado Pneumatic High Quality Car Wash Tools


The Tornador  MARFLO Interior Cleaning Tool is a pneumatically operated suction spray gun which very finely atomizes soap, 
water and air and dispenses it under high pressure. 
It removes dirt and grime quickly and uses lower consumption of the cleaning product (Tornador Super Soap). 
The newly developed rotation-set in the nozzle of the new Tornador .

Product Model:BT-7015Europ ;BT-7015USA;BT-7015Japan. 
Package:Cleaning Gun  、Two AdapterS、Instructions
Bottle capacity:800ml

Suitable for cleaning wool car interior, leather car interior, dashboard, steering wheel,door panel, carpet, floor mat, automobile,car body seams, window,seat,car roof
Usage method:
Tornador is connected with your air compressor, which  causes high-speed rotation of the circular tube within  the bell mouth of the cleaning machine with a pressure of 0.6-0.8bar. During operation,adopting the tornado-like motion, the centrifugal force as a result of the rotation evacuates the airs in the center and forms a powerful airflow, with the stable airflow,the cleaning gun is more efficient to clean and dry your vehicle,and hard-to-reach cracks and crevices, dirt and debris from equipment, tools, and  other surfaces.

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