BT-PH08B Mini Car Polisher Detailing Polishing Machine Eccentricity 80mm Dual Action Polishing Waxing Tools 6 Speed Marflo



  • 6 speed grade, free to choose the waxing speed.
  • High performance, low noise, lasting power.
  • Heat sink design, reduce the heat.
  • High performance ABS material fuselage,smooth curve, beautiful and durable.
  • New Design for good hand feeling
  • Large switch, quick start, conform human body design
  • Switch holder is convenient to work without pressing the switch all the time.





  • Product Model:BT-PH08B
  • Material:ABS case
  • Polisher Body SIZEļ¼š28*12*7cm
  • Power:380W
  • Pad Diameter:  80mm
  • Speed:3000-7200pm
  • Eccentricity:  8mm
  • Voltage:AC 220V/50Hz
  • Package Dimensions:33x14x14cm
  • Package Weight: 2.5 kg

Product Image