• Magic Clay Bar

Magic Clay Block Bar High Quality Car Washing Sponge With Real Magic Clay Bar Soft and Safety

Unit Price: US $5.66


Wax Pad with Magic Clay bar (real clay bar on the top)

it is more soft and safety. 

this small wax pad with clay is special one. 

it is custom for a customer.  only 300pcs in store. 

it is very very soft and medium custting power. 

welcome new csutomer testing and try.  

it is different hand feeling and effective with generial magic clay 2.00.


Color:    Yellow  / 

Size: 10*1.5 cm /

Weight : about 20g/pc 

Material:   Foam +Rubber

1. Please don't use it directly on dry painting surface.
2. Cannot be used directly on high temperature surface. Otherwise, it may be dissovled on the surface.
3. Don't press it hard while using. Just wipe the contamination lightly.
4. All clay products can't contact with chemical solvents, and acidic and alkaline cleaning liquid(such as:gasoline,rosinwater,Asphalt detergent,etc.)
5. Keep away from children.

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Magic Clay Bar