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Magic Clay Pad Bar Mitt Car Care Wash Cleaning Polishing Sponge Wax Applicator Car Paint Repair Auto Skin MARFLO by Brilliatech

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Car Washing Magic Clay Sponge Pad before Polish & Wax for Car Care Car Cleaning

magic clay pad 160mm with blister;  

magic clay pad 150mm with blister;  

magic clay pad 130mm with blister;  

magic clay pad 100mm with poly bag;  

magic clay pad 80mm with poly bag; 



The magic clay pad, magic clay towel, magic clay block magic clay mitt is made by Brilliatech using nanotechnology. 

Combination of special nano-ingredients with the pneumatic polisher produces the best cleaning result with surface, speed and amazing cleaning ability. 


Easily removes contaminants accumulated on car paint for a long period of time such as dirt particles, metal particles, industrial etc., leaving a silky smooth finish immediately. Can be used to substitute wax abrasives or traditional clay bars which can be inconvenient to use. 



• Quickly and effectively remove surface contaminants

• Attached to dual action polisher with hook and loop technology

• Save time and effort of traditional detailing clay

• Safe and gentle on automotive paint

• Result in a silky smooth paint finish

• Up to 60 applications and more (dependent on condition of car)

• Diameter 6″ Thickness 0.6



• Thoroughly wash the vehicle to remove all loose surface contaminants. 

• Spray a workable section of the vehicle's surface with mild shampoo as lubrication. Lubrication is important while using the Clay Pad. 

• Scrub the lubrication areas with light pressure until you feel that it is silky smooth(there will be a noticeable difference). Repeat step 2 and step 3 on each section of the vehicle until completely treated. 

• If the vehicle is heavily contaminated, a final wash and rinse is suggested. 



Care and Storage: 

• Rinse the clay pad after each use. 

• ONLY use after washing a vehicle. 

• DO NOT apply pressure when using. Doing otherwise will result in visible paint damage. 

• DO NOT store under direct sunlight. 

• DO NOT use when the surface temperature of the vehicle is over 120'F. 

• DO NOT use if rubber polymer is tacky and soft. 

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Magic Clay Bar Pad Magic Clay Pad Bar Mitt Magic Clay Bar Pad MARFLO MARFLO Magic Clay Bar Pad Magic MARFLO Pad MARFLO Magic Pad