BrilliaTech (a short for Brilliance Technology) registered in Hong Kong;  and Factory in Dong Guan City;  it is very convenient by air, land in transportation and sea;  Hong Kong center to DongGuan office about 1H 30 minutes by train CRH;  ShenZhen office to DongGuan Factory about 30 minutes by train or car;  welcome to visit our office and factory. 
BrilliaTech have been doing car care and washing item for more 8 years;  it is not only developing, producing the items; also have professional laboratory to test the items; try to best items for you. is Brilliatech's stock on line, products as below: 
Magic clay items: magic clay bar, magic clay block, magic clay mitt, magic clay towel, magic clay pad, 
Foam Lance: mate to almost washing machine, 
Torndor Guns: clean guns for car washing. 
Tools: brush, wax applicator, etc.....
You can buy from here if the products show on website.
this website connect our warehouse data.  
and we can send the goods soon.  
OEM ODM please contact and download catalogue form Brilliatech.  thanks 
Contact Window: 
Chris or YongHua (Project Dep. Manager) : for new project, ODM price, quality, delivery time confirmation
Mobilephone 0086 135 28494531;  SKYPE: chrisjiang1
Flower Feng (Marketing Dep. Manager) or Lulu Jiang (Coordinator): for sale and marketing Dep.
Tel: 0086 769 81230156 or MP: 0086 189 2685 0272
Fax: 0086 755 22144044   SKYPE: brilliatech
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ZhiHua Jiang (Asia Marketing Manager) and Lulu Jiang (Coordinator): For Asia Marketing;
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